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Below is a typical screen of Stock Chart Wizard showing a stock chart with volume indicator.  On the left is the watch window.  With the toolbar, you can easily switch between three month, six month, one year and two year views.

Up to six indicators may be shown below the price chart, but you'll need a large, high resolution monitor to fit them all in.  With a 15" monitor at 960 x 720 pixels you can display three indicators easily.

In the above screen, you can see the candlestick price chart.  Changing to OHLC (Open-High-Low-Close) is simply a matter of clicking the Open-High-Low-Close button on the toolbar.  Similarly, you can select a closing price line chart or a candlestick chart.  The stock chart software switches to the desired chart type instantly.

MACD and Volume indicators are shown.  Colors can be changed.  The frequency of the average volume line can be set to any value.  Shown is a 50 day moving average.  Up volume and down volume is represented by different colors.

The watch window on the left allows entry of tickers spreadsheet-style.  To enter additional tickers, simply click the first empty cell in the left column.  An edit cursor appears and allows you to enter in a ticker symbol. You can cause the chart for a symbol to appear by double-clicking on the symbol in the list.

To update the watch lists, simply press the update button in the toolbar.

The next screen shot demonstrates a full-screen on price charts and indicators by removing the Watch Lists.  This can be done by de-selecting watch lists in the "View" menu.  Also this price chart is a high-low-close chart over a six-month time span.  Price charts time frames can easily be changed in the toolbar; notice in this case the "6m" (six month) button is depressed.  Other time ranges include three month, one year, and two years.

This price chart also has two Exponential Moving Averages enabled.  These lines can be shown or hidden by toggling the "E" button on the toolbar.  The "S" button shows Simple Moving Average lines, the "B" button shows Bollinger Bands, and the "C" button shows a comparison line to another stock or stock index.

This screen shot shows the Watch Window fully dragged open to the right side.  This is the normal 20 minutes delayed quote view.

Stock tickers can be added edited and deleted by clicking the desired cell in the first column.  An edit cursor will appear in the cell allowing you to change what is there.  Then click on the update button to update the data.

Any of the columns may be sorted by clicking on the column header.



The Easy To Use Stock Charting Software Package