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Stock Chart Wizard
creates the following types of charts:

Closing Price Line Chart
The Line Chart is a graphical representation of each day's closing price for the stock.  By removing the additional information shown on other chart types, it can be used to spot trends and identify chart patterns.

Open-High-Low-Close Chart
This type of chart shows the opening price, high, low, and closing prices each day for the stock on the stock chart.

The above chart shows a single element representing one day in the life of a stock.  It shows the price at market open as a hash mark on the left.  The highest and lowest price of the day are represented by the ends of the vertical bar.  The day's closing price is shown as the hash mark on the right.

The High-Low-Close chart is essentially the same thing without the opening hash.

How can you get the actual data off the chart?  By enabling the crosshairs from the toolbar in Stock Chart Wizard.

When the cross hair lies on a chart element, the floating data dialog shows the data for that day.

Candlestick Charts
Stock Chart Wizard can display candlestick charts.  Candlestick charts have Asian origins and are becoming very popular.

The first element shows a colorless box on a vertical line.  Like the Open-High-Low-Close chart, the ends of the vertical line indicate the high and low price of the day. 

The top and bottom of the box indicate the closing price and the opening price.  If the box is not filled in, it means it was an up market day for the stock so the top of the box indicates the closing price.

If the box is filled in, it indicates a down market day, so the bottom of the box indicates the closing price.

If the line has a hash mark on it, it indicates that the closing price equals the opening price.


The Easy To Use Stock Charting Software Package